Monty & Ramirez’s Broad Range of Experience:

Monty & Ramirez has represented clients involved in the largest raids in U.S. history at different stages of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigations. During these ICE investigations, Monty & Ramirez mitigated both civil and criminal liability and implemented policies and practices to ensure compliance. Regularly representing clients faced with ICE investigations and raids has provided our attorneys the knowledge and skills to effectively reduce a company’s liability by implementing strategic policies and practices that address employers’ workforce and I-9 issues.

Implementing Best Practices for Clients:

With ICE’s increased enforcement initiatives to fine and criminally prosecute companies, Monty & Ramirez can help companies take proactive steps before an investigation begins. Monty & Ramirez can provide employers with many services, including:

  • Representing employers during ICE notice of inspections and immigration raids;
  • Conducting I-9 and immigration compliance audits;
  • Implementing immigration best practices and policies;
  • Representing employers prior to and during ICE enforcement actions; and
  • Assisting clients with the implementations of E-verify and I-9 oversight.

Prepare for ICE with a Monty & Ramirez Mock I-9 Audit:

Monty & Ramirez is ready to assist companies by conducting Mock I-9 Audits® in preparation for increased audits and enforcement from ICE. All companies must increase their efforts to ensure that all I-9s are completed properly and hired personnel are trained in IRCA compliance.

There are several advantages to a form I-9 review:

  • Business will be prepared should an actual I-9 worksite inspection befall them.
  • Business have a chance to correct I-9 issues before being fined or penalized.
  • Conducting an external audit by an independent professional firm is an excellent way for a company to demonstrate its “good faith intent” to comply with the law.
  • Conducting a form I-9 review is a “best practice” recommendation by ICE’s mutual agreement between the government and employers.
  • An external audit can diminish the potential fine a company faces or reduce it all together.

Onsite Anti-Identity Theft (OAT) Initiative:

In addition to conducting a Mock I-9 Audit® for clients, the firm can provide a strategic analysis of an employer’s workforce through its Onsite Identity-Theft (OAT) initiative. Monty & Ramirez created th OAT initiative for clients who want a strategic and versatile immigration audit. Through OAT, the firm helps the clients identify employees who may be using stolen identities to eliminate ID fraud in the workplace. As part of an OAT initiative, Monty & Ramirez can help companies prepare a methodical and orderly process to terminate employees without violating state and federal law.